Week Live: We will show iOS 16 and a mobile phone with night vision. He really sees even in complete darkness

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We usually associate Internet browsers with the Internet. However, Firefox has also learned to translate offline. But who uses Firefox today? We found at least one fool 😉

The main topic is Apple, which presented a number of nice news on the keynote, and Martin on his own skin The iPhone has tried iOS 16. There isn’t much to show yet, so feel free to wait until at least the summer with the installation.

You will also see one mobile phone that attracts with display technologies. We already know the thermal camera from CATs, here it is from another manufacturer, much better, much cheaper, but it has basically the same options. But then it’s here Night vision. Not to be confused with the night mode for taking photos, this is a special sensor and thanks to the infrared heaters it can see even in complete darkness. The phone’s name is Doogee S98 Pro and its parameters can be found directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Week Live

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