What do you think: How much mobile data do you usually consume per month?

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According to the CTU’s annual report, last year the average data consumption per SIM card increased to 4.5 GB per month. Surprisingly, most of our editors will be able to use gigabytes. Operators have been training us for years to save data. But what about you, our readers?

Do you already have unlimited tariffs and are not looking at consumption, or are you still limiting yourself so that you do not exceed the monthly limit? Which applications and services will swallow the most data from you?

Tomáš Holčík

Between 5 and 10 GB

I had 3 GB on the company tariff and often hit the ceiling. After raising the limit to 10 GB, I stopped solving if I was running out of data. Over time, the company has rounded my limit to 8 GB, but despite fears of being limited, I don’t really suffer. Before hitting the wall, I might buy a few extra gigas, but I’d rather forgive watching YouTube on the way home from work. For a while, as a secondary, I tested a 100GB sim from O2, but my behavior didn’t change, and I couldn’t take full advantage of the data. But my son managed to run out of 100GB last month, so I know it works.

Filip Kůžel

Between 5 and 10 GB

I have 10 GB and I haven’t received an SMS for several months notifying me that 80% of the volume has been used up, so it looks like I’ve learned to live with my FUP limit. I limit myself practically only to watching video, I only look at the “essentials” on mobile data, otherwise I leave it to Wi-Fi.

Lukáš Václavík

Between 1 and 5 GB

I have a 3GB tariff and in normal months I can fit into it. On the one hand, I work through the home office, so I process most of my data on Wi-Fi at home. And secondly, I don’t do everything on my mobile. I download my favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks in advance. I also have maps offline. I practically don’t watch video in the field on my mobile phone, I only use unpretentious Twitter and a few messengers from social networks. I am most satisfied with ordinary surfing on the web.

But there are months when I can shoot it. Holidays or field work, when my mobile serves as a hotspot for my laptop, I would appreciate an unlimited tariff there so that I don’t have to tame or pay extra for extra data.

Stanislav Janů

Between 5 and 10 GB

The amount of data consumed by me is significantly dependent on the time of year. While half of the 5GB limit is usually enough for me during the winter, I switch to 12 GB during the summer. I don’t usually exhaust you. That’s why I switched to a virtual operator, which allows you to easily change the tariff configuration every month, or a discounted reset of the FUP limit.

Besides Safari, the biggest cannibals are Mapy.cz, which I don’t like to use offline, Spotify, instant photo backups on iCloud Drive and a hotspot for a laptop. And sometimes also Netflix – the one that automatically connects my tablet to CDWifi at the station, which then leaves me from the next platform.

Jakub Čížek

Between 1 and 5 GB

However, this is only an estimate based on activity in the last month, as I practically do not track burned-out data at all. I have a notification set on my phone when I exceed 8 GB, but I don’t remember it ever popping up. It will probably be very low for the conditions of Živě.cz readers, but I normally use the data. Whenever I roll out of the house, I wear headphones and turn on a podcast or YouTube Music.

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In the fool and the train, I automatically read Twitter again and Google Photos backs up everything in its original quality. And let’s not forget, I haven’t signed up for public Wi-Fi in pubs, etc. for a long time, but as you can see in the picture, that’s just enough. This is probably only possible because I don’t watch streaming videos at home outside of work and work, and Chrome saves me data by effectively compressing regular sites.

Petr Urban

I do not use mobile data

In a way, this is a paradox, because mobile tariffs, including data, tend to become cheaper over time. However, mobile data is still relatively expensive in our country, and most of the time I sit within range of Wi-Fi. Covering small outages with mobile data seems like an unnecessary luxury to me and I don’t want to put money on operators for their expensive services.

I cover walks by downloading music or podcasts to my mobile storage. It is less comfortable and flexible, but at the same time still a very acceptable solution. On the road, I behave like a walking Czech stereotype, and I’m the first to look for Wi-Fi everywhere. I usually find it on trains, and also on cafes. There were times when I paid a flat rate for CZK 750, at that time it was an “amazing” gigabyte included. Then I looked for cheaper tariffs and today I only have a subscription for emergency calls.

I would like to congratulate the Czech operators on successfully convincing me of the importance of their services, which have become largely irrelevant to me.

Karel Kilián

Between 1 and 5 GB

I spend most of my time at home, where my mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi and therefore does not use mobile data. Thus, most data transfers take place during trips for caches – part falls on navigation, the other part on the geocaching application itself. I don’t run music, videos, or other more data-intensive applications on the Internet outside of the wireless network. Even the photos are backed up after connecting to Wi-Fi.

In fact, I don’t even know what data limit I have with the operator. I have the impression that around 2.5 GB, but I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t exceeded it in a long time. In any case, I can fit up to 5 GB a month.

Vladislav Kluska

Over 10 GB

For many years I had a tariff with 30 GB of data, which I then rounded up to 20 and I knew it minimally. Another reduction came only now with the transition to a working tariff and the 10 GB already hurts and I often come across it, so in the final I still buy over a 100 GB subscription. This is an overkill, but nowadays I consider at least 20 GB to be a living wage.

I really don’t want to deal with what I just downloaded, what I don’t do, whether I’m on Wi-Fi (which I only have stored at home and I don’t want to deal with elsewhere, it just annoys it), etc. I just play music, I show photos years ago. Instagram itself often takes up 2 GB in a month, Youtube similarly, YouTube Music as well. Add to that Chrome, Telegram (we send a lot of photos within the family) and more and it adds up right away. And I’m not talking about an automatic backup for Google Photos that I would otherwise have to regret.

Jan Láska

Over 10 GB

The data-unlimited tariff allows me not to watch over the amount of data consumed. This means that I don’t switch to Wi-Fi anywhere and my mobile phone handles all the traffic on my phone. My average monthly consumption in this mode is about 50 GB, and the biggest credit goes to the Internet browser, YouTube, Vodafone TV, Spotify and social networks. At one time, I also used the phone as a hotspot to connect a laptop, then consumption doubled, but it is no longer the typically intended use of mobile data within a mixed tariff with free voice and data units.

I know from experience that if I connected to Wi-Fi wherever possible and let mobile data run really “on the go”, I still would not be able to download the monthly consumption of mobile data below 10 GB. I am therefore convinced that this volume should be offered to operators as a minimum basis, at a reasonable price corresponding to today’s lowest 1 GB tariffs. Anything under 10 GB is ridiculous and roughly as if the operator offered you a package of 8 free minutes and 4 SMS.

And what about you, how much mobile data do you usually consume per month?

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