What to do before you sell your old phone. You should not forget these steps

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You own a phone and have been using it for some time. It’s functional, great to use, and it’s okay, but you’ve got a penchant for a new model. And what about the old one? Ideally sell it and let it serve the new owner. What to look out for when selling and what to do with your phone before selling? You will learn all this in this article.

Age and brand decide

The first thing that will affect all your next steps are the brand and age of the phone. There is a simple question for the brand. Do you have an iPhone? Strange as it may sound, this question has an important effect on what to do with the phone before the sale and what price to choose when selling.

There are surveys that confirm that Apple phones hold their price by far the best. While the iPhone may still have a value equivalent to 40% after 2 years, the purchase price for Android phones will lose much more value, even after the first year.

The reason is already rooted in part in software support. If your iPhone was new at the time of purchase and you don’t have it for more than 2 years, the prospective owner may look forward to more years of support. With an Android phone, the buyer can buy a little hare in a bag, as the phones usually have shorter support, usually a maximum of 3 years from launch. Keep this in mind both in the selling price and, in the case of the iPhone, also in the selling arguments.

Check physical condition

If you want to sell or return the phone as part of a purchase, the physical condition of the phone is crucial. Every bumped corner, scratch or abrasion can mean lowering the selling price. Hair scratches are expected in normal use, but you will find it harder to apologize.

However, it is ideal that the phone does not have a clearly cracked display or glass on the back, which will discourage most buyers and force you to make a lot of discounts. Only then does one often realize that investing in a protective cover may have been worth it. If, on the other hand, you have used it and the display does not show any signs of wear, then this is just a plus for you and you can take it into account in the price of the device.

Clean thoroughly

When disposing of the phone, give it one last care. Clean the display, ideally with a cloth and some product. In the case of online sales, it is good to start before the actual photo shoot. The polished display in the photos will definitely make a good impression.

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Clean the phone of dirt

We also recommend wiping the phone with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime, and there are even special disinfection devices for phones. However, avoid water and other liquids that could harm your phone if it is not waterproof.

You should also not forget to clean the connectors and vents of the speaker. Over time, dust and other impurities get into them, which settle in the charging or headphone jack. But most importantly, do not clean with anything sharp or metal to avoid damaging the wire input. In the editorial office, for example, a wooden toothpick proved to be useful for this cleaning.

Reset the phone to factory settings

When your phone is physically OK, everything is properly backed up or, ideally, already transferred to your new phone, throw yourself into deleting data from your phone. This is basically very similar for Android and iPhone, only specific steps are performed elsewhere.

Android Recovery

Most users know that the fastest way to erase data is to restore it to factory settings. However, they often forget an important step that phones have required for complete erasure in recent years to protect against theft. This is logging out of the Google user account.

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Be sure to remove your Android account on Android before restoring to factory settings.

You can find it in Settings -> Accounts and select your Google account here and choose remove. A code is required for this step for security reasons. Only after this step can you safely reset the phone to factory settings. In case you forgot to log out of the account, the phone would require you to log in again with your account after the recovery.

IPhone recovery

You also need to first remove the user account on the iPhone and log off the phone from iCloud and other services, including the Find function. To do this, simply click on the icon of your account in the settings and select the option to log out.

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Restore factory settings on iPhone.

Previously, the factory reset itself was a bit chaotic, but since iOS version 15.4, Apple has made it much easier. You can find it in Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Clear Data and Settings.

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