When you read messages on your computer, Gmail and Chat will no longer notify you on your mobile

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Notifications of new messages delivered to your e-mail box are useful in many cases. For example, you can respond to important e-mails immediately. But does it make sense for your computer and mobile phone to alert you to the same message at the same time? The Gmail developers thought about it and came up with a practical tweak.

Logical idea

Android Police reports that in recent days, Gmail web users have started seeing a dialog with an offer to suspend notifications on a mobile device. The basic idea is simple: if you’re currently working with your inbox on your computer, you probably won’t need your phone to notify you of new emails.

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In addition to Gmail, Google also turns this feature on in Chat, where there is a higher risk of notifications

According to 9to5Google, this feature first appeared to a limited extent in mid-February, and Google has clearly accelerated its implementation in recent days. The dialog with the offer to suspend notifications on the mobile phone was also displayed on one of our editorial computers.

If you take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to allow Gmail to monitor your device usage. After clicking the button Continue you will be prompted for permission “Find out when you are actively using this device” and after its approval, the function is activated.

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As with regular notifications, you’ll allow additional activity tracking in Chrome for that site. So this feature is likely to appear on other services soon

You will not turn on the new feature yourself

At the time of writing (Friday, March 25), we didn’t find any settings in Gmail that would allow or disable this feature. You can set permission to access device usage information in the Chrome menu Settings – Security and privacy – Site settings – Additional permissions – Use of your device. Here, any authorization granted can be revoked.

If you pause mobile notifications, then information about new emails will only be displayed on the desktop. Of course, messages will continue to be delivered to the phone, but they will not be notified by sound or icon in the notification bar. The moment you finish working with Gmail on your PC, notifications should start coming to your mobile again.

Since there is no matching item in Gmail settings, it looks like this feature cannot be turned on manually. You just have to wait for Google to offer it. There is not a word about the news on the support site yet.

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