Winamp 6 still doesn’t come, but you’ll be able to buy the original skin like NFT

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The iconic empétrojek player announced his return in the autumn of 2018. The new Winamp was supposed to come in 2019, but even now it is not available after three years. The early beta version mentioned last year did not arrive either. However, the current promise already gives us at least an approximate date of issue – June 2022.

But before that, Shoutcast, which now owns Winamp, will auction the skin of the player’s first version and twenty of its NFT derivatives. Winamp wants to invest the money in a newly established foundation that will support musicians around the world.

Well, without a respected Belgian company in the background, which has a lot of influence on Internet radio in western Europe, we could call the baggage around Winamp a textbook example of scam or vaporware. A constantly promised product that is postponed forever and that already requires money from fans… It looks suspicious.

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