Windows 11 suffers a crash that breaks the Windows Security application

Microsoft has made major changes to Windows 11 . This new operating system will have a single annual update (in addition to the classic monthly security patches), which means that we will say goodbye to the two semi-annual updates, and will also bring functional and design novelties that, together, will translate in a renewed user experience.

At the moment, Windows 11 is in beta, and therefore it is normal that it presents errors. However, what is not so normal is that a Microsoft update, which aims to resolve bugs and improve the stability of that operating system, ends up introducing new errors of considerable severity. That is precisely what has happened with the last update that Windows 11 has received.

Several members of the Insider channel are having problems with that update , and they all revolve around the Windows Security application which, as many of our readers will know, groups together the set of security tools built into Windows 11, including protection against viruses and other security threats.

The error message for Windows 11 users affected by this bug says “You will need a new application for this Windows Defender link . ” Users can still view Windows Security tools, but cannot interact with them, which means that it is impossible to make adjustments and perform specific actions. That message is displayed when we click on any of the built-in tools.

Windows 11

How to resolve Windows 11 bug affecting Windows Security application

Luckily, the solution is simpler than we might think at first glance. We just have to follow these steps:

  • We open Windows PowerShell with Administrator privileges. It is very easy, we press the Windows key, write that name, right click on the first result and choose the option “run as Administrator”.
  • Once inside, you just have to paste this text (without quotes) «Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SecHealthUI -AllUsers | Reset-AppxPackage » .
  • We close the Windows PowerShell window and voila, we should have solved the problem by now.

If you are testing the beta of Windows 11, you should be aware that it is likely that you will have to continue facing bugs and errors of various kinds, and maybe even the final version of that operating system will end up reaching the market with some other unresolved error , so it will be better to wait a bit to see how that operating system behaves between two and four weeks after its official launch.

On the other hand, Microsoft has confirmed that the new builds of Windows 11 that reach the Insider channel are very likely to be much more problematic than those of Windows 10 . The company refers to updates that will include new features, what we knew, in Windows 10, as semi-annual updates. This also has a very simple explanation, and it is that, due to the jump to the model of a single annual update, this update will be much more complex than the semi-annual updates, and therefore will bring more errors.

This can complicate things for Insiders, but at the same time it is positive for other users, since they will have to deal with only one update per year , this should have a longer support time, and at the same time Microsoft will have more deadlines lengths to create more polished, higher-quality updates, in theory at least. The same applies to the Insider channel, which will have more time to test those updates. It will be interesting to see how all this evolves, and if the results are, in the end, as expected, that is, if the quality of the updates with this annual model actually improves.

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