Windows 11 will sound different in dark mode

Windows 11 will sound different in dark mode

Although before the launch of a new operating system, such as Windows 11, we usually expect big changes , new functions, applications designed specifically for it, etc., the truth is that there are usually many other smaller changes, sometimes even subtle, but that They usually have a reason for being and that, consciously or unconsciously, we identify and incorporate into our relationship with these fascinating artifacts called computers.

Regarding great news that will come from the hand of Windows 11, I think we all agree that this operating system does not represent a huge leap or evolution with respect to Windows 10, but despite this we will find technologies such as DirectStorage that They will mean an important improvement in the performance of the PC when we use it to play, as long as our PC has an SSD for storage.

The user interface will also undergo a substantial change in the jump to Windows 11. There will be interesting improvements in terms of virtual desktops , which will improve in terms of the role of workspaces. We will see changes in the Windows application store, Windows 11 will integrate the long-awaited compatibility with Android apps … After all, it turns out that Windows 11 does bring a good set of news .

However, now I am going to talk about a much, much smaller one, but one that seems quite significant to me. And it is that as we can read in MSPowerUser , Windows 11 will use different sounds with the dark mode from those that we will hear in the light or bright mode. I am aware that to more than one person this will seem like sovereign stupidity, but in my opinion, it shows that when designing the interface (and I am talking about the entire interface, not just the visual elements) Microsoft has decided to put a lot mime.

The sounds of the dark mode will be quite similar to those of the daytime mode, but in the same way in which Microsoft has wanted to “soften” the sounds of Windows 11 with respect to those of Windows 10 , this same criterion will be applied when the mode is switched light to dark mode . And, although the preference of many users is to always use the dark mode, there are many others who prefer to alternate them, using them as day mode and night mode. And this is where this sonic nuance fits in.

If we read some of the statements of Microsoft officials regarding Windows 11, one of the guidelines that has reigned in Redmond when designing it has been that it be an operating system that provides a quiet , relaxed environment . That can be deduced by looking at its colors (which, in addition, coincide with those of Microsoft Edge, something that I do not think is accidental). And to involve all the possible elements of the system in transmitting that tranquility, it seems to me a success.

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Surely, there will be those who think that this is nonsense and minor details, that the choice of colors and sounds of the operating system have no impact on the mood. And I invite those people to remember the visual theme “Hot dog stand” (surely my memory is failing but, in the Spanish translation, could it be called “Blood and sand”?) Of Windows 3.1. After watching it, it is time to ask yourself again if the visual and sound adjustments of the operating system cannot affect your mood and your emotions.

Windows 11 will sound different in night mode

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