Windows 11: Windows Update will also inform you about compatibility

Windows 11: Windows Update will also inform you about compatibility

If until less than a week ago there was no official Microsoft tool to check the compatibility with Windows 11 of our systems, it seems that after what we think is the latest addition of compatible hardware to the list, now is the time to facilitate access to such information to all Windows 10 users . And the thing is that time passes very quickly, and before we want to know it, we are already in October, the month in which the deployment of the operating system will foreseeably begin.

Thus, if yesterday we told you that PC Health Check is back (although at the moment only for insiders), today we can read in Windows Latest that this information is also going to be added to Windows Update , the Windows 10 function to which You access to see the available updates, and to decide if you want to apply them or not. Soon, in addition to this information, you will be told if your system is compatible with Windows 11 and, one might imagine, after the launch of the operating system you will be offered the possibility of updating from there.

At the moment this informative section is only shown to the insiders of the channel of the preliminary version of Windows , that is, the only one in which development versions (although quite advanced, yes) of Windows 1o are still maintained. Remember that, as we told you a few days ago, both the development channel and the beta channel are already in Windows 11 . So if, for example, you want to try Sun Valley before most, you should opt for the preview channel, which is precisely where this new feature of Windows Update can be found.

Windows 11: Windows Update will also inform you about compatibility

In this information, unlike what we can see with PC Health Check, we will not see the detailed list of technical specifications , only a message that indicates whether or not we meet the necessary conditions to update to Windows 11 and, yes, also a message in which we are told that some of the functions that we have in Windows 10 will not be in Windows 11. We already told you, some time ago, what functions are those .


Microsoft has put itself in a difficult position, with the minimum requirements for the upgrade to Windows 11. So much so that, in the end, it has had to backtrack and accept the installation of Windows 11 on practically any PC , if well it will be with some limitations that are still not entirely clear. However, and it is understandable, its intention is that the update through Windows Update is the majority way for users to make the leap.

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