Windows 11 release date, October 20, 2021?

Windows 11 release date, October 20, 2021

The release date of Windows 11 is how little we have left to know about the new Microsoft operating system that we are thoroughly testing, its characteristics and in all possible ways as an update and the new ISOs, for when the final version arrives, you know in detail all its news.

Microsoft has not announced a specific date for its availability. Nor will it do so until the launch is imminent (very few days) to allow more flexibility to the development team and avoid missing deadlines to which it has committed. The beta version, one of the two compilations (along with that of the Dev channel) that are being tested by Insiders, is quite stable, although it is not without errors and the availability of the final version will surely depend on its resolution.

It should also be remembered that this release of Windows 11 will coincide in time with the new Windows 10 update, 21H2, which is also one of the fat ones and Microsoft will need personnel in the deployment, testing and troubleshooting phase that have not been few in previous updates.

Windows 11 released, October 20?

The only public data exposed so far was that of “availability for the holiday season” and “before the end of 2021” declared in the announcement of the system. Beyond officially there is nothing, although the RTM version that OEM manufacturers will use to pre-install on new equipment must be obtained weeks before, October / November maximum, to allow time for the corresponding tests.

What there have been are “details” we do not know if interested or not to maintain the interest of the launch. One of them arrived in the notes of the graphics drivers published by Intel , precisely to support Windows 11. Intel indicated the operating systems supported up to Windows 11 qualified as “October 2021 update” which seemed to indicate that month for their availability .

More “indications” we had in Microsoft’s own documentation , where it indicated that OEMs had to send their drivers to certify in Windows 11 the fourth week of September at the latest.

Now we get another of those details. Through its official Twitter account , Microsoft has shared an image of Windows 11 with dark mode enabled, along with the definition ” aesthetically pleasing “. What is interesting about the image of the tweet is not how “nice” the interface is, but the system date and time that can be seen on the taskbar: 11.11 am on October 20, 2021 .

Windows 11 release date

Is that enough indicator or are the Microsoft marketing guys “playing” with us? You value. If you want to test the system now, you can review our installation guide and perform the process as an update from Windows 10 or in clean installations with the official ISOs.

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