Windows 11: You can now Download the ISOs of The Previews

Windows 11 beta download

The launch of Windows 11 is, without a doubt, one of the news of the year. And it is that although it may not seem like it (time passes very quickly), six years have passed since Windows 10 became the last version of Microsoft’s operating system. Even before its official announcement, with the leak of a build , many users began to search the network to search and capture images that they could install, either in systems or in virtual machines, to give a first look at what will come with Windows 11.

Since then we have been seeing appear successive compilations , which have allowed us to discover more about the closer Windows 11 every day. Obviously we cannot interpret everything we see in it as something definitive, there is still time for many changes, but still Most likely, much of what we are seeing in these latest versions is what we will find in the final version .

During the first weeks, the only legal way to test Windows 11 was to be part of the Insiders program, so as imaginable, the network was filled with unofficial distributions, downloadable in a thousand ways . Also, some were modified to remove some of the restrictions imposed by Microsoft. Obviously we are not going to provide illegal download links, but we do tell you how to test Windows 11 here .

We do not know if because the launch of Windows 11 is approaching, or because Microsoft has tired of seeing so many users resorting to a thousand possible methods, but the fact is that together with the announcement of Build 22000.160 , those of Redmond have begun to distribute this compilation directly in ISO format , so that insiders can download it this way, instead of having to create them with the method that we tell you.

The ISOs, at the moment, are only in English and, as I have indicated in the previous paragraph, at the moment they can only be downloaded by the insiders , the rest of the users who access the download page will only be able to download Windows 8.1 ISO images and Windows 10. However, it is easy to imagine that those images of Windows 11, initially aimed only at Insiders, will take a short time to flood the network.

Be that as it may, it is a measure to be appreciated, and it points once again in the direction that we have been pointing for some time, and that is that October will probably end with Windows 11 already present . Not for all systems, of course, surely its deployment will be gradual, but although at first it seemed that we would have to wait until 2022 for its arrival, now it seems quite likely that many of us will be able to eat the nougat already with Windows 11.

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