Wordle will teach you to play with words. What is this popular prank for?

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There are countless word games. If you follow modern trends in the field of gaming, then you have certainly come across the Wordle prank, which is one of the most popular in recent times and is starting to accumulate a solid community around you. Every day he will prepare a new word for you, which you have 6 attempts to guess. It is always a five-letter English word. After a failed attempt, it will always show you clearly how close you were to the correct letters. The green color indicates that you hit. With yellow you are very close and the gray letters are then completely out.

It’s a simple matter that everyone can try for free. It makes you think about using different words. You can’t solve this by throwing different letters behind you. Until you put together a word that is in the local dictionary, the game will not take it from you.

If you want advice Twitter is already filled with all sorts of hints and tips for the correct letters as users try to guess the word of the day. Will you join?

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