Xbox Game Pass ya prueba su plan familiar

Xbox Game Pass already tests your family plan

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Another blow to the table by Microsoft, and I recognize that I have already lost count of all those who have been for some time. And it is that if the company has been present in the video game sector for decades, two key actions clearly indicate the accelerator hit of those from Redmond to intensify their presence in it, with the clear intention of becoming one of the companies most relevant in the sector.

The first is the launch of Xbox Game Pass in its different phases, but especially his jump from console to PCin 2019. A year after the second, equally decisive, which is none other than the purchase of Zenimax. Thus, we can affirm without fear of being wrong that the 2019-2020 biennium marked the before and after, the moment in which Microsoft decided that it wanted to stop being “one more” to become a reference.

Since then We have been seeing how Microsoft’s game subscription service has not stopped adding titles and, although it is true that there are also those that come out, the final balance always tends to green numbers. And with the arrival of Xbox Cloud, the proposal became even more attractive, because to the catalog of games available to install on PC and console, is added the possibility of enjoying a wide and varied collection of titles in the cloud, in a service that we can access from more and more platforms.

There are, however, those who consider that the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the subscription level that allows access to games on both platforms, to Xbox Cloud and that includes other advantages, is somewhat high. I personally don’t think so 12.99 euros per month for what it includes is quite proportionate to mebut it is true that I have long been missing an option that allows me to share my account with other people, in the style of what we find in other subscription services.

Xbox Game Pass already tests your family plan

Thus, when it was leaked a few months ago that Microsoft could be working on a family plan for Game Pass, I thought it was excellent news, although I understood that, if it finally materialized, the wait could be quite long. And I insist, if it were to materialize. The good news is that, in the end, it will materialize and, in addition, the wait could be shorter than he initially imagined.

And it is that the company itself has confirmed it and also has already started the first tests in this regard. Thus, Game Pass users in Colombia and Ireland can start testing the Xbox Game Pass family plan starting today. For this purpose they will have to acquire the Game Pass plan “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” in the Microsoft Store. Thus, the remaining days of your current subscription will be prorated against the difference in price between the then-current plan and the new family plan.

Although Microsoft does not indicate the prices in its publication, it does state that, for said conversion, 30 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would be converted into 18 days of the family plan. Thus, this tells us that the current price of Game Pass Ultimate is 60% of the price of the family plan (if there are no changes in this regard after this first test), that is, with a minimum rounding, we can speculate that its price in Spain would be around 20 euros… maybe 19.99 euros? Except for changes later, that’s my bet. And, if it is confirmed, and taking into account that we are talking about a plan that could be shared between up to five people, it is not that it seems like a great offer, it is that it seems to me to be a knockdown price and an unbeatable option.

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