Xbox Game Pass podrĂ­a tener un plan familiar

Xbox Game Pass could have a family plan

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I think one of the greatest signs of the significance that Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s game subscription service, has obtained is the number of times we talk about it. Of course, at this point, an important nuance is urgent, and that is that unlike other companies, about which we also have to report on a regular basis (and I don’t want to look at anyone), In the case of Xbox Game Pass, I can hardly remember a single negative news about it.

And yes, it is true that the subscription model proposed by Xbox Game Pass is not for everyone, that there are players who prefer to buy the games and, in this way, keep them for the rest of their lives. And I have nothing to object to said model, in fact, in my case, I have been an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber for quite some time, but that has not stopped me from buying some games that I like to “own” (and yes, I put it in quotation marks because we already know what software and game licenses are like). One model, the other or a combination of both are always very valid options..

However, it is undeniable that Microsoft is putting as much effort as possible into make your subscription service more attractive to users every daythat in addition to seeing how the catalog grows month by month, they can also buy the games they want with discounts on them and, those who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate mode, also have access to Xbox Cloud, the game service in the cloud which, among other options, allows us to enjoy titles from various generations of Xbox on PC (and on many other devices, including Steam Deck).

Xbox Game Pass could have a family plan

Now, it seems that Microsoft is considering another novelty, something that we have already seen in other subscription services, but when it comes to the world of games, it is only present in Nintendo’s online service. And it is that, as we can read in Windows Central, Microsoft would be studying the possibility of create an Xbox Game Pass family plan. With it, several people could benefit from a reduced rate for their subscriptions, keeping their accounts separate and with access to the entire catalog and services of the subscription.

At this point it is important to look at the Microsoft 360 subscription model, and I mention this because the first thing we might think, based on the family plans of other services, is that the subscription should be shared exclusively between people who share a home, as it happens with Netflix, Spotify, etc. However, if the Xbox Game Pass family plan replicates the Microsoft 360 model, this limitation would not be present.

It does not seem casual, yes, that Microsoft’s plans to create an Xbox Game Pass family plan occur exactly the same week that Sony has finished making its new service official subscription, PlayStation Now, formerly known as PlayStation Spartakus. Thus, if it is the response of those from Redmond to Sony, it seems that the Japanese technology will have to give a twist to its service. And that hasn’t even debuted yet.

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