Xbox has begun testing Family Game Pass Ultimate in some countries. Up to 4 players can join it

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Even in this case, speculations from unofficial sources were confirmed.

Although there has been no big announcement, Xbox has already officially confirmed that a new version of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is coming, including up to 4 players, with the condition that they must be from the same country. The announcement directly says that family members and friends can get together, so it looks like the subscription won’t be limited to a single household, as is the case with many other services.

For now, this option is in the testing phase and only players in Ireland and Colombia can try it. Each member of the subscription should have their own access to all the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate. This variant still has flies, which Xbox itself points out in the announcement, so it is not surprising that it is launching it for a limited number of users in order to catch them all.

Xbox hasn’t revealed when the variant should hit the rest of the world. He didn’t brag about the price tag either. However, players involved in the test have the option to convert their existing subscription to the new variant, with the fact that the current Game Pass Ultimate corresponds to 18 days of a family subscription, which suggests that the price here could be around 560 CZK per month.

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