Mi Band 7 podría crecer en pantalla y en batería

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 could grow on screen and battery

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Gone are the times and the technical specifications of the first Xiaomi Mi Band, a quantifying bracelet that did not have a screen (it only integrated a system made up of three LEDs to inform us of its charge level and notifications) which, in exchange, had an incredible price of only nine euros. It was, of course, a resounding sales success, and since then, and since then, Xiaomi has not stopped launching new, more advanced versions, with somewhat higher prices, but it has been growing substantially in features and specifications.

If predictions come true, it is possible that Xiaomi will present the future generation, the Mi Band 7, at the end of this month. And, as on previous occasions, the device would debut in the Chinese market, to make the international leap a few months later, perhaps with some modification with respect to the local model, as happened a couple of years ago with the Mi Band 5, which had NFC connectivity in the model for China, but not in the international version of the bracelet.

What has been clear to us for a few generations is that We are no longer talking about a quantifying bracelet, but about a smartwatch in its own right, a smartwatch that also offers a surprising value for money, since Xiaomi tries to introduce improvements from generation to generation, but without these translating into a big jump in price. Let us remember that if, in exchange, the first Mi Band cost about nine euros in China, the Mi Band 5 would go on sale for just under 23 euros in exchange.

Although it is not a device on which a large number of leaks are usually produced, from time to time some possible novelty does emerge with respect to the future generation. And such is the case of the recent publication of Magical Unicorn, a popular leaker with a fairly decent hit rate, and which tells us some news that we could find in the Mi Band 7.

Mi Band 7 could grow on screen and battery

The first thing he mentions is a change of your screen resolution, which would go from the 152 x 486 pixels of the model 6, to the 192 x 490 of the future model. Thus, with regard to its height, we only see a jump of four points, but with regard to its width, things change, since would add 40 pixels, which in principle indicate a wider screen. Also, speaking of it, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 could have an Always On screen function.

It also appears, among the data that Magical Unicorn has accessed, any reference to the duration of your battery charge, which would also experience a significant jump compared to the previous generation. This can indicate both an increase in the capacity of your battery, as well as changes and optimizations in your energy saving systems, so we will have to wait to see if it is one thing, the other or a bit of both.

Otherwise, he has also found references to old functions, which could be there because they have not been completely removed but will still not be available, or because XIaomi has decided to bring them back. And, among them, we find one that was rumored a lot at the time, but that ultimately never became a reality, the Mi Band with GPS. Will it be true this time?

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