Yandex Market will help users sell their old smartphones

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With the help of Yandex Market, you can now sell a used smartphone. It will be checked, evaluated and bought by the partner company of the service for further resale. For example, a new service can be used to sell a working phone that is no longer needed, but can still serve another owner. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex.

To sell a used device, you need to leave a request in the application or on the Market website. Further, the partner company of the marketplace will contact the owner of the smartphone and arrange a meeting with a specialist. On the spot, he will check the phone for serviceability and appearance – and, depending on this, will determine the price of the smartphone. If the offer suits, the owner of the phone will be able to immediately sign a sales contract and receive money on a bank card or in cash.

The partner company can resell smartphones bought in this way on the Market to new owners – for this, the service has a section of used phones. The company prepares each device for sale – for example, cleaning its case.

The service for selling used smartphones using the Market is already working in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Yandex Market began selling used phones in April 2022. This service is supported by trusted partner companies who have experience working with used goods. Partners check smartphones in more than 30 parameters and give a guarantee for 90 days: if something happens to the device, it will be possible to turn it in for free repairs or exchange it for another used phone.

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Yandex Market is a shopping service that sells more than 30 million products. It helps to order everything you need: from a smartphone of a new model to a children’s designer. More than 28 thousand partner stores have joined it. The service can take over the processing, delivery of orders and communication with customers. You can buy goods on the marketplace on its website and in the app for Android or iOS, as well as in the Yandex Go app in the Market Express section.

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