Yota study: traffic to banking applications has doubled since the beginning of 2022

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The federal mobile operator Yota tracked how the Internet traffic of customers spent on banking applications changed from January 3 to June 5, 2022. The Otkritie Bank application showed the largest increase in traffic – 4.8 times.

The top three in terms of user share remained unchanged. In the first place is Sberbank, which lost almost 5% in the share from January to June – 60.59%. In second place is the Tinkoff Bank application, which increased the share of users from 17.65% in January to 20.89% in June. The third place in the rating is held by Alfa-Bank – 6.12% in the share. VTB also retained its fourth position in June – 6%. Otkritie Bank rose from seventh place in January to fifth in June (1.44%), displacing Sovcombank (1.26%) and Raiffeisen Bank (1.03%).

The total number of users of all thirteen services from the selection increased by 1.2 times: according to the data for the first week of January compared to the first week of June.

A noticeable peak in traffic occurred in the week from February 28 to March 6 – its volume for this week is 1.2 times more than two weeks earlier. Then the traffic dropped to the previous values, but from the first week of April it began to grow steadily. In the first week of June, the volume of traffic for all thirteen applications from the selection was already 2 times more than in the first week of January.

The following applications showed the largest increase in traffic volume and the number of users: Gazprombank: increase in the number of users by 2.9 times, traffic – by 4 times; Otkritie Bank: increase in the number of users by 2.3 times, traffic – by 4.8 times; VTB: increase in the number of users by 1.7 times, traffic – by 3.6 times; Rosbank: increase in the number of users by 1.7 times, traffic – by 2.7 times; Alfa-Bank: increase in the number of users by 1.2 times, traffic – by 2.7 times.

Home Credit Bank, Credit Bank of Moscow, Raiffeisen Bank, Rosselkhozbank, Tinkoff Bank and Unicredit Bank increased their performance less significantly but also.

Only the number of users of the Sberbank application practically did not change from January to June, however, the volume of traffic to it increased by 1.8 times.

“The first peak of traffic fell on a week of active growth of the dollar against the ruble. A new wave of interest in banking applications occurred in early April, when the ruble strengthened noticeably, and the dollar exchange rate returned to the values ​​of early February. Apparently, the high volatility of currencies prompted people to think about saving and monitor the situation on the market, hence the noticeable increase in traffic to banking applications,” said Irina GusevaCFO Yota.

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