You and your computer: Do you use automatic application and program updates?

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Do you want to keep the software up to date, or do you approve all updates manually? Automatic updates are convenient, but at the same time they can easily break something. Therefore, it is useful when the user can choose. And that’s what today’s poll is about, this time with only two answers.

We ask for automatic updates of applications and programs, but you can apply to all software, including games and operating systems. If your settings differ depending on the platform, you can specify this in the discussion. As our editors did…

Jan Láska

Yes, I do

All applications on my mobile phone update automatically when I connect to Wi-Fi, I don’t have to worry about anything and no major problem has ever happened to me, so I have no reason to change this setting. On the other hand, I do not handle any updates for computer software. As long as everything works, or the update doesn’t offer itself, I stay on the original version.

Martin Miksa

Yes, I do

The reasons are simple: laziness, timeliness and security. There were times when I installed updates manually, but since one doesn’t have time to constantly check for news and doesn’t want to stay with the old versions, there is no other option. So everything is updated automatically in the background and I know that the next time I turn on the application, I will have the latest features and patches of possible errors. I do the same on my mobile phone and computer, and so far (I have to knock) I’ve never encountered any problems.

Petr Urban

Yes, I do

I’m an update enthusiast (or maybe a slave to the habit), but everything hurts a lot and the best software is one that, with regard to everyone, can update itself on its own and without words, without bothering me significantly. Chrome showed what it should look like years ago. I see exceptions as acceptable, because in some cases, the update can break sensitive processes. In general, however, I’m glad that the update mechanisms keep me out of the habit of constantly updating everything semi-manually or manually.

Tomáš Holčík

Yes, I do

Mostly I’m not even interested in the list of newly added features, just updates always and preferably completely automatically. The only exception is applications in Adobe Creative Suite, where each new major release is a source of problems. Sometimes something falls, it behaves differently, I have to convert projects to a new version and so on. However, Adobe is aware of this itself, so it will not delete the previous version and add the new one to it in parallel. However, the vast majority of other minor updates fix bugs and there is no point in waiting. And when everything is fixed anyway, a new major version will arrive.

Karel Kilián

Yes, I do

Automatic application updates are very useful in my opinion, because the fewer security-related factors depend on the user, the better. Thanks to them, I don’t have to monitor the availability of new versions, which, in addition to features and improvements, often also bring security patches. It’s a pity that it doesn’t work on Windows as it does on mobile operating systems, where all applications are automatically updated.

Marek Lutonský

No, I don’t

I turn off automatic updates wherever I can. I don’t like when something is installed and changed without my knowledge. I like to read what’s new in the descriptions so that I can try it immediately after the update. I also sometimes realize that I don’t even need an application that wants an update. So instead of downloading and installing a new version, I’ll delete it straight away.

Vladislav Kluska

Yes, I do

I turn on automatic updates wherever I can, but most of the time I don’t use the feature because I go to the Play Store myself several times a day and watch what’s new and download it right away. I think it should be turned on by default, and maybe I also like the idea that Chrome OS has, which doesn’t even allow user updates to be disabled. They just always have the latest version. Of course, sometimes something breaks, but it happens relatively little (I don’t even remember anything) and the benefits for developers are clear – fast distribution of news, maintaining a smaller number of versions, etc.

Lukáš Václavík

No, I don’t

Although I like the latest and I don’t even remember the last time I had a problem with an update, I still want to have sole control over it. When I can, I use manual updates. I always like to read what changes the creators have made. That is why I am annoyed that the authors take care of this, especially on mobile phones, and either do not fill in the list of news at all, or there is some general non-verbal message. At the same time, it would be at least simple: “We don’t have new features, but we fixed the bugs.”

I check for updates manually a few times a month. Usually when I know one came out (holt I’m out of the field) and I want to try the news. Then twenty of them will be downloaded in bulk.

On the other hand, if the upgrade process is not easy, I often stick to old versions. However, this only applies to computer programs where I would have to download the installer somewhere from the web. I’m already very comfortable with this.

And when it comes to botched updates, I still can’t avoid them. I know that some are waiting and finding out on the internet how the update worked. But this is too much work, and in addition, there will always be someone who will have a problem, even though 99% of others will not encounter it.

Jakub Čížek

Yes, I do

It’s a matter of course on my mobile and I’m basically not watching it on it at all, because some applications are updated almost continuously. I have no idea what version I have in my mobile Chrome, and I honestly don’t care. Of course, this is more complicated on Windows, because the vast majority of classic software producers ignore the Microsoft Store and its unified staffing culture.

However, most of the programs I use offer their own system for checking and installing updates. I have a feeling that at the moment I do not have a single program on my personal computer that would not be able to install the upgrade itself – it will ask me for approval at most.

And what about you, do you use automatic updates for applications and programs?

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