You can already run Android 12L on your PC. A skilled development community has taken care of the port to the x86 platform

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Shortly after the release of Android 12L, an offshoot of the system, which you can run on the x86 platform, was made available. The new version of Android has been incorporated into the ROM labeled Bliss OSwhich you can download and install on your computer or at least run in a virtual desktop.

Of course, the ROM includes all the news brought by the latest versions of Android 12L, which are enriched with extended desktop compatibility. Bliss OS also includes the necessary drivers and minor improvements that you will appreciate on your computer. ROM traditionally has as much as possible close to pure Androidbut this time it also includes a desktop mode with an alternative launcher, so the new version of Android will be a little better for you via a mouse and keyboard.

The ROM also includes the Google Mobile Services package, so right after you install it, you have the Google Play Store, Maps, YouTube and many other well-known applications. However, the installation itself, thanks to UEFI support, is not as simple as flashing a ROM into the phone. In virtual, the whole process is greatly simplified. So if you’re on a computer you want to try the latest Android 12L, we will take you to the Bliss OS project website, from where you can, after completing a short quiz, download a ROM with the latest version of Android.

A direct link to download the ROM built on pure Android 12L can be found here, the ISO file is 1.3 GB in size. The system looks tuned enough for everyday use. The only downside is the malfunctioning Bluetooth. Even so, its installation is intended only for the hands of more experienced users who “know what they are doing”. As a reward, you will get a system that many mobile users will still have wait a while

Example of Bliss OS built on Android 12L:

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