You can have a giant tablet from Samsung with the largest diagonal of 14.6 inches with a discount of CZK 9,000

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is not only the largest tablet from Samsung, it is the largest device among tablets sold on the Czech market. With this first place, you can’t be surprised at the tablet ratios of the really high price tag of CZK 36,000 for the Wi-Fi version with 256 GB. The half-storage version normally costs CZK 33,500.

Samsung has prepared an event in its official e-shop, in which, after entering the discount code SUMMER25 will reduce the price of selected equipment by 25% until June 26, 2022. This tablet is also among the special products, you can buy a higher memory version after entering the mentioned code on the e-shop for CZK 26,992 and save 9,000 of the list price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra SM-X906BZAEEUE

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a top tablet that has perhaps everything a high-end tablet with Android can have today. Maybe except for the system itself – the promised Android 12L tablet has not arrived yet and having an operating system that uses the allocated space more efficiently would certainly be a great extra bonus. Otherwise, it is a well-equipped tablet for multimedia and business use. The giant display is an attraction and a drawback, given how much you plan to carry the device.

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