You can now delete your order data from Yandex Food

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Users can now delete information about their orders in Yandex Food. This can be done in your Yandex ID account using a data management tool. The service launched such an opportunity so that users can independently manage the data stored by Yandex Food. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex.

Users can now delete delivered and completed orders. The removal process can take up to three days. In the future, it will be possible to erase other information about yourself from Yandex Food, for example, addresses for delivery.

Deleting data is an irreversible process. If you delete information about orders, you will no longer be able to see recommendations of your favorite restaurants and dishes in Yandex Food. At the same time, the service will continue to remember the delivery addresses and show Yandex Store orders. Soon Yandex ID will add the ability to delete orders and Yandex shops.

The data management tool is part of Yandex ID, it is located in the Account Management section. To access the tool, you need to follow the link and enter the verification code – this is an additional security measure. The code is sent to the number associated with the account. Part of the data is deleted immediately, and another part of Yandex stops processing and deletes after a certain period determined by law.

The data management tool appeared in Yandex ID in the summer of 2021. This is a single user account on Yandex and a personal data and settings control center. All data in Yandex ID is securely protected, the service complies with the SOC 2 international security standard. It can be used to delete data from various Yandex services. Since its launch, more than 30 Yandex services have been added to the tool, including Kinopoisk, Alice, Music, Drive, Market, and Services.

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Yandex Food is a service for ordering food from restaurants and grocery stores. 39 thousand establishments in 186 cities work with it. The service is developing not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, as well as in Belarus. You can order food at and in the Yandex, Food, Go apps for iOS or Android. The average delivery time for an order in Moscow is 32 minutes.

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