YouTube Music launches official application for Wear OS, but only for the Galaxy Watch4

YouTube Music launches official application for Wear OS, but only for the Galaxy Watch4

Google does not seem to have clear its priorities with respect to YouTube Music and the lurching continues, now with the announcement that the official application of the music service of the Internet giant will finally arrive at Wear OS … but only for the Galaxy Watch4 Samsung .

In fact, incomprehensible things happen within Google and one of them is the treatment that is receiving YouTube Music , a platform that has improved a world since its inception, but which continues to present important shortcomings compared to its more direct competition. This time, however, we are not talking about features, but about systems support.

Thus, a little over a year ago, the start of support YouTube Music on Android TV was announced and not in the best of ways, but what was seen with respect to Wear OS, the Google operating system based on on Android and aimed at the governance of smart watches, bracelets and any other ‘wearable’ device that gets ahead.

It is entirely logical, right? And if not, ask anyone who uses a wearable to go out for an activity, particularly sports: there is nothing better than going for a run or pedaling and being able to listen to your favorite music or podcast (don’t do it if you have danger of being run over!), especially with the new physical activity and health tracking functions that these devices are incorporating.

Although it is not surprising that with the price of these devices and how long it takes to offer the demanded features, see this case as an example, many people continue to prefer to use the mobile for everything.

YouTube Music for Wear OS | Image: 9to5Google

Returning with YouTube Music for Wear OS, the application is only available at the moment for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic , with no plans to extend its support to other devices, even though the simple fact that there is an application gives doors to the hope that this is just the beginning of his journey. In addition, from the images that have been shared, the functionality seems quite complete.

That said, it has been specified that the new YouTube Music application for Wear OS Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 allows you to download music on the watch as long as a Bluetooth headset is connected to it, as well as control playback and manage downloads, without options to stream content from the mobile and with a quality limited to 128 kbps AAC.

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